Automate the distribution, collection, and transformation of your data.

InLoad is a cloud-based data syndication and data transformation platform, which gives you more time to focus on your business.

Do better

Time savings start from 200 hours per year and just keep growing as you scale your business.

Distribute everything

inLoad offers true multi-Domain master data and file syndication support.

Always Updated

InLoad tracks if anything has changed and distributes the Relevant changes to all your data consumers and channels.

What We Do

InLoad improves, transforms and distributes your data and your files.

We enable brands and retailers such as Bosch, Mascot, XL-BYG and Johannes Fog to exchange high quality data and digital assets to shorten time to market and save time and money on data and file handling.

We understand data! And we know that product data is ever changing, not only because of legal requirements but also the ever growing focus on environmental documentation such as EPD.

What do you want to automate, data distribution or data collection?

2- 0 x

Faster time to market

0 %

Reduction of time usage

5- 0 %

Reduction of product returns

5- 0 %

Increased online turnover

Creating Solutions for your Organization

We have been in your shoes - so we know just how much time and focus on all the small details it takes to get the true value out of product data.

Scalable technology

InLoad is built to scale, so no matter if you have 500 products or 500.000 products, you can rely on InLoad to make your life easier.

Images & Files

Handling of images and files can be a tiresome process, but with our API, dropzone, and mapping functionality, it is easy to get all your images and files assigned to the right products and distributed to all points of usage.

Data Quality

InLoad makes it easy to meet and fullfill any data standard and requirement. The InLoad data transformation engine enables you to safeguard your own data models and standards with the full flexibility to transform and deliver data and files to meet the specific data models and standards of the receiver.

Our Mission

Keep your focus on your business and let InLoad ship your data. Our mission is to make it easier for you and your business partners to distribute or collect product information. InLoad automates the entire process and all the transformations and integrations for you.

Besides connecting manufactures and trading partners, InLoad is a leading expert in integrations with industry databases such as ByggeBasen and NOBB.

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