Data advisory

maximise your Return on data investment

Why is it important?

With all the built-in data transformation capabilities, InLoad makes it very easy for you to transform and distribute your data. You can make 100% sure that the data partners and channels receiving your data are getting the highest possible quality and in exactly that format and data model they need.

However there is also a risk that the transformations are used to compensate for poor quality in the source systems, which are pushing data into or getting data from InLoad.

At InLoad we are dedicated to making sure that high data quality is achieved not only after processing data in Inload, but also before data is pushed into InLoad.

The InLoad data advisory services are designed to make sure of exactly that!

Do better

Getting the full return on your data investments

better scalability

Fulfill the data needs of an ever increasing number of channels and data receivers to grow your business. Implement better models to support the commercial objectives.

Manage Your Data

Multi-domain master data mangement is a complex thing that requires the full overview across multiple systems and channels. InLoad helps you create the overview.

Reduce Costs

Scale your business without increasing the number of headcounts. Better structuring and usage of your data across all systems and channels will reduce the cost of data management.

2- 0 x

Faster time to market

0 %

Reduction of time usage

5- 0 %

Reduction of returns

5- 0 %

Increased online turnover

Advisory services

Data analysis

How is data structured in the various source systems. How does it flow? How should data be re-used and shared more efficiently across the system landscape and channels?

Work efficiency

What are the steps in the end-to-end workflow to retrieve, enrich, generate, approve, and publish data? Where are you spending the resources and on which activities? What could - and should - be improved?

Data Value Chain analysis

From where is data sourced and how (freely) does it flow across the data value chain? Are you getting all the benefits of having access to data from your data value chain, or are you reinventing the wheel?

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