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Getting up-to-date and high-quality data from your suppliers can be a challenge. Even when you get the correct data from the supplier, the format never matches your system. In an ever-changing environment and a world situation where prices and stock status change frequently, this approach isn’t feasible anymore. Use InLoad to automatically collect, check data quality, and transform the data to your format, and spend your time doing something more meaningful.

Collect Data

Data Is Your Competitive Advantage


Data sells. It’s that simple. People want images, data and manuals when they shop online. Make it easy to collect it with InLoad.

Control Your Data

Data is important. Via one integration, you can integrate to all your suppliers—no need to exchange Excel sheets or download images from the supplier’s image bank.

Reduce Costs

Automating these processes saves hours and decreases the risk of typing errors.

Real-Time Update

Data, stock, and prices are periodically changed. With InLoad, it’s easy to receive updates frequently from your suppliers. It’s a time-saver and assures you sell products that are in stock and to the right price.

Reduce Costs

Automating these processes saves hours and decreases the risk of typing errors.

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Faster time to marked

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Reduction of time usage

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Reduction of returns

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Increased online turnover

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Why InLoad?

Easy & Valid Data

Make sure you get all your suppliers product information including files and images with less manual work and fewer typing errors.

Made In Denmark

InLoad is developed in Denmark by specialists within PIM integrations and ByggeBasen.

Future Proof

Valid data becomes more and more important. One integration collects all your data.

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