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Save time, increase data precision, and increase sales with the InLoad ByggeBasen connector.

ByggeBasen is the leading industry product specification database in the DIY and construction material segment in Denmark. Most of the DIY and construction material dealers in Denmark are basing their business on data from this database and are requesting that their suppliers deliver a wide range of product information, pricing data, certification data, manuals, and digital assets to ByggeBasen.

With our advanced technology and the InLoad connectors, we automate the way in which you, the supplier to the Danish DIY and construction material dealers, handle your product data and ensure a problem-free integration with ByggeBasen.

Save time and avoid manual entry

We understand the challenges manufacturers face when it comes to updating and maintaining product data and EPD in the ByggeBasen. With our solution, we can eliminate the need for time-consuming data extraction from our own systems and the manual entry into ByggeBasen and replace it with a direct integration between your IT systems and ByggeBasen. This frees up valuable time to spend on other important tasks while minimizing the risk of error.

Get products to market faster
With InLoad you can experience a significant time saving and improvement in the process of creating and updating products and EPD in ByggeBasen. We have implemented an intuitive draft function where you can make changes and approve updates before they are published. This means that product data is always correct and up-to-date, helping to reduce unnecessary delays and ensuring that products reach the market faster.

Increased sales and better collaboration
 InLoad is not only designed to streamline the process of creating and updating products in ByggeBasen, but also to strengthen cooperation between manufacturers and hardware stores. By having the products already created in InLoad, DIY stores can start marketing and selling the products immediately after entering into agreements with you. This gives you a competitive advantage by getting your products onto the shelves and into the hands of consumers faster.

Unique features that set us apart from the competition
We are proud to offer a number of unique features that set our solution apart from others on the market. Our interface makes it easy for you to navigate and manage your product data. We have also implemented an automatic update function that ensures that images and documents are always up-to-date in ByggeBasen. This eliminates the need for manual maintenance and minimizes the risk of errors and inaccurate information. InLoad supports the loading and maintenance of all your data in ByggeBasen: master data, prices, logistics data, catalog data, images, documents and EPD.

Upgrade your product data flow with our innovative IT integration solution and experience an efficient and faster path to market success.

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